2024 RoadMap

2024 RoadMap


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With the new years around the corner, it is time to discuss the development and what needs to be done in 2024 to help grow MoKa Reads. Firstly, our main resource our website has yet to be completed.



  • Home, Mission and Policies Page

  • Desktop/Mobile Optimizations

    • Minified CSS

    • Cached Asset Files

    • Preloaded stylesheets

Yet to be Completed:

  • Research Page:

    • Create a system to track topics, and papers being written

    • Create a system to allow suggestions

  • Curriculum Page:

    • Create a system and DB to store curriculum plans in a JSON format

    • Allow for different pages to expand the different curriculum

    • Create a naming scheme for courses id

    • Allow for suggestions and comments towards a course for improvements

  • Mobile Scaling Improvements

  • PWA Installation

Growing Our Team

For MoKa Reads to grow, that includes our team because quite honestly its hard to manage all these different things by myself. As a new nonprofit, we don't have funds to really pay anyone for their work, so we are looking for people that will help us grow and align themselves with our mission. Here are some of the positions that we'd need assistance in:

  • Social Media Coordinator

    • Handle updates, news and marketing on the @moka.reads Instagram.
  • Technical Writer

    • Creates articles on our blog whether its updates or related topics.
  • Curriculum Developer

    • Help design the curriculum structure of MoKa Reads.

    • Actively engages in discussions towards how curriculum can be coordinated.

    • Our goal is to create a standardization towards engaging both sides to communicate how they would like the course taught.

    • Provide resources to curriculum designed.

  • Researcher

    • Research into topics related.

    • Work with technical writers to create a research paper.

  • Rust Developer

    • Responsible for core project/tools.
  • Your Beautiful Self

    • Do you feel like there's something else you can add towards helping us reach our mission?


Our last topic we need to discuss is the publishing arm of our foundation, currently that just revolves our my publications that I will sell directly on MoKa Reads Shop and other platforms, but I hope we can grow this to help others create open source publications and we can create some sort of business towards this model where we take a small percentage to support the foundation.

We would like to talk to current or interested authors that would like to work with MoKa Reads and create publications for us.

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