Current Root Design Problems of QuickFetch


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As I continue to work on QuickFetch, I want to highlight some root design issues that, once resolved, should, in theory, bring plenty of optimization benefits.

Changing what's stored in key and values (this is just a rough idea, still needs to be worked out)

    • Key: Entry's name in bytes that is given from

      • Value: In a Value structure which contains the following:

        • version: From E.version()

        • url: From E.url()

        • timestamp: Will use chrono::DateTime<UTC>::timestamp()

        • response: The Response in bytes from reqwest

Some improvements that can come from changing the approach:

  • Use compare_swap in sled that can do conditional modifications

  • Use contains_key to check if the key already exists

What would need to change:

  • QFEntry macro and the Entry trait

  • How flexible we can think of Packages

Changing the channel_fetch method to remove the constant timings it has between caching and already cached fetches.

    • This is caused by its need to make a request preemptively, but once we fix the following challenge, then fixing this should be simpler since we can utilize much faster methods to make a conditional request.

Hopefully, this should take some time off the initial caching and subsequent fetches. We would need to change the respective handles for both methods after these changes, but it should result in a positive impact and simplified path.

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