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I have plans of creating a benchmark framework for MoKa Reads that will help compare different metrics of programming languages against each other. Here are some of the metrics we'd leak to observe:

  1. Compilation time: How long it takes to compile a program

  2. Execution speed: How long it takes for a program to run

    • Can be tested for different optimization modes along with different flags
  3. Binary size: How big are the outputted binary is

  4. Memory usage: How efficiently the language uses memory

What sort of programs can help test these metrics?

  • Recursion using fibonacci sequence

  • Hello world

  • JSON parsing

  • Matrix operations with generics

  • Matrix operations with floats

  • Huge Dynamic array

    • Test pushing, searching, and sorting
  • Huge HashMap

    • Test inserting, get, remove, updating
  • Calculating Pi to 1,000,000th digit using Chudnovsky algorithm

  • RK4 algorithm to approximate IVPs

  • Secant method to estimate roots in a function

  • Stochastic simulation algorithm to model chemical reactions

    • Requires random numbers


Here is a list of languages we hope to include into our benchmark suite:

  • C (all)

  • C++ (all)

  • Zig (all)

  • Rust (all)

  • Swift (2-4)

  • Go (all)

  • Java (2-4)

  • Python (2-4)


We hope to organize in the following manner:

    # for example huge dynamic array...
            huge_dyn_arr_gpa.zig # uses general purpose allocator
            huge_dyn_arr_page.zig # uses page allocator 
            huge_dyn_arr_c.zig # uses malloc 

We hope in suite.json to be able to define parameters such as how many samples, warm up time, flags for different languages, etc.

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