QuickFetch a Simple Package Manager Library

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QuickFetch a Simple Package Manager Library


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In our quest to develop a package manager for the TexCreate project, I wanted to build a library to quickly be able to handle multiple asynchronous processes that use the same underlying client (using reqwest crate). I came up with the idea of developing quickfetch, which comes with the Fetcher structure that takes in a type that implements the trait Entry, and using it can take requests and cache them inside an embedded database using sled and can fetch it later for you in your local storage.

The Entry trait looks like the following:

pub trait Entry {
    fn is_modified(&self, keys_iter: impl DoubleEndedIterator<Item=Result<IVec, sled::Error>>) -> Option<IVec>;
    fn url(&self) -> String;
    fn entry_bytes(&self) -> Vec<u8>;
    fn log_cache(&self);
    fn log_caching(&self);

With this groundwork, we can expand into implementing a Package the structure which implements the Entry trait, and has the minimal requirements:

  • name

  • version (using semantic versioning verification)

  • URL

We can then cache, update, and remove packages so that a user can hook this all up into a CLI.

There is still work to be done to make all of this functionality easy for the user, but a lot of the groundwork is already done, and we will announce the initial release with an article once it is completed.