Revealing the Zig Unleashed TOC

Revealing the Zig Unleashed TOC


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Zig Unleashed has been in production since June 2023 and will be my 7th publication (or second programming one), and will be releasing sometime in 2024. While there is still work to do, it is at a good position where I am able to reveal the TOC of the book...well first depth of it.

The goal of this book is to be the goto guide of the Zig Programming Language to learn the basics => advanced parts of it. We go pretty low-level in the book, look through some of the standard library implementations of structures, and get our hands dirty.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Basics

Chapter 3: Functions

Chapter 4: Arrays and Slices

Chapter 5: Struct, Enums and Unions

Chapter 6: Pointers and Memory Management

Chapter 7: Error Handling

Chapter 8: Interfacing with C

Stay Tuned for more news about Zig Unleashed as we hope to release it this year as our first publication fro myself, Mustafif Khan and MoKa Reads.

Edit: Chapter 9 has been removed, and instead contents it will include will be merged into Chapter 8 where it can more concise.